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Sep 12, 2023

We hosted our first community event, in Lagos! Although, a heavy rain tried to stop our fun, we experienced a fantastic turnout. We were so excited to finally connect with users who want to take control of their health, productivity, well-being.

I love how the personalized prompts push me to be more productive and understand myself better. - Grace (Fusion user)

Event Highlights

Ore speaking

We kicked it off with a presentation from our founder, Oreoluwa Ogundipe. He shared with us his vision for Fusion and what we have planned in the coming months especially intelligent recommendations based on users' entries within the app and our plans for connecting health professionals and researchers with Fusion users. Users also met with our team, which spans both locally in Lagos and across other countries.

CSO Address

Designing Fusion with Privacy in mind

We expressed our commitment to safeguarding user data and how we’ve designed Fusion with privacy in mind. We store prompts and responses on the users' mobile phones allowing them to be as personal as they desire to be. No one else can see inputted data unless the user chooses to share - even us at Fusion. This sets us apart in a world where personal data is often access and sale often raise concerns.

Famasi x Fusion

Fusion and Famasi founders speaking

We had a fireside chat between our founder and Adeola Ayoola, Famasi Africa’s co-founder, on their journey of providing care & medication delivery to anyone in need. We also touched on how Fusion can help them personalize care at scale. We will share more on how this evolves in the future but, we are optimistic that Fusion will provide a window for healthcare organizations like Famasi into the daily lives of their customers & help them trial interventions.

Fusion is a brilliant innovation in reshaping the health journey of individuals. Kemi (Health Professional, Famasi Africa)

Brain Recordings on Fusion

NeuroFusion explorer demo

And who doesn’t love trying new things? We wrapped up Demo Day by having a participant perform a brain recording on the Fusion platform. Our users saw firsthand what raw brain data looked like and how wearable devices can track brain activity to provide objective insights into a person’s mental state.

Feedback from the event was great! So we’re taking this as a sign to host more :)

Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to all our users. We remain committed to enabling you manage & improve your health, productivity & wellbeing.

Group Photo with Attendees

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