Terms of Service

Last updated: November 30, 2023

These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") dictate the utilization of Fusion's website, mobile application, and associated services (collectively referred to as "Fusion," "we," "us," or "our"). NEUROFUSION RESEARCH INC operates the website www.usefusion.app and its subdomains (hereinafter the “Web Site”) and the other components or materials incorporated therein or integrated therewith (hereinafter collectively the “Platform” or “Service”). The terms "you", "your", "yours", "user", "users" “customer” and "yourself" refer to all persons who use the platform.

By accessing or using Fusion, you agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms, please refrain from using Fusion.


Our platform is open source. You are allowed to use it according to the terms of the license. You need approval before using it for commercial purposes.

Do not access or use the App in any way that could or is intended to damage or impair the App, its underlying servers or networks, or interfere with anyone else's use and enjoyment of the App.


The Platform offers various Services related to health, productivity and wellbeing. The Services intend to help the Customer to manage, track, understand and improve his/her overall health, productivity and wellbeing.

We do this by providing personalized prompts, actionable recommendations, and insights to help you understand and navigate your days better. With your responses to your prompts, you receive insights to understand and navigate your days better.Neurofusion Research Inc is dedicated to the continuous development and enhancement of its services. The nature and content of services offered via the Platform may change over time. For the most current information on the Platform's content and services, users are directed to the information provided on the Platform.


The Platform and Services are intended solely for individuals who are: 16 years of age or older. (in the case of individuals)

  • Licensed health professionals
  • Researchers
  • Validly registered/incorporated health organizations (case of businesses);

Any access to the Platform or use of the Services by any person or entity who does not meet up with the above criteria is not allowed or permitted, and shall be in violation of these Terms of Use.

Medical Disclaimer

The App provides online and mobile access to manage, understand, track and improve your health, productivity, wellbeing and other areas that matter to you. We are not a health care or medical device provider, nor should our platform be considered medical advice. Only your physician or other health care provider can do that.

For any diagnosis, treatment, or the presence of existing or suspected health issues, it is essential that you consult with a qualified medical professional or healthcare service provider and refrain from using the Platform or Services provided via the Platform for such healthcare-related purposes.

All recommendations given by the Platform co-pilot shall be taken as recommendation for wellbeing and not as health advice or diagnosis. For diagnosis, treatment or in case of health issues you shall always contact the doctor.

Participation in any movement recommendation provided by the co-pilot, is for your convenience. By engaging in such activities, you confirm that you are in good physical health for these activities and have no conditions that could make them risky. It is crucial to consult a licensed physician before starting or changing any exercise program, especially if you have a previous injury, a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or other chronic illnesses. You acknowledge that Neurofusion Research Inc has emphasized the importance of this consultation.

Any advice or materials in the App are for general information only and should not be solely relied upon. They do not replace professional medical advice tailored to your individual condition. The provided advice and materials aim to complement, not substitute, your relationship with healthcare providers. We are not liable for the consequences of your decisions, and you assume full responsibility. We make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any purpose of the advice and materials in the App.

During App use, users acknowledge that Fusion is not a medical device. Therefore, we do not predict mental issues, diseases, attacks, etc. We are not liable for unresolved health issues. People with existing mental health conditions should consult their healthcare providers before using the App.

Privacy and Data Processing

For detailed information on our privacy practices, please refer to the Fusion Privacy Policy available at https://usefusion.app/privacy. We store your prompts and responses directly on your mobile device. This data is entirely personal, and no one, including Fusion, can access it without your explicit permission. To access Fusion Co-pilot, your permission is required for the Co-pilot to access your data to get recommendations based on your prompts and responses.

Payments and Applicable Fees

The Services or part of the Services may be subject to fees (hereinafter the “Fee”), that may include a subscription-based fee (hereinafter the “Subscription Fee”), and/or other fees for additional services, provided that the Customer has selected to order such additional services subject to additional fee, payable as according to the respective Order. “Subscription” means a subscription to access the Platform and Services, purchased in accordance with the Terms of Service. “Order” means the order for Subscription or other Service subject to the Fee.

All pricing details are accessible on the Platform and the Website. NeuroFusion Research Inc. retains the right to modify prices, and add, alter, or remove special offers as deemed necessary and in compliance with applicable laws. Such alterations will not impact Orders that have already been completed but may influence the renewal of Subscriptions or future Orders.

Prices on the Platform include VAT or other applicable taxes.

If the Customer chooses to use the Services subject to Fee, the Customer will be guided through the process when making a purchase. The Fees are not refundable. Before confirming a purchase, the Customer will be given the opportunity to review the chosen Order and amend any errors in the Order. Please ensure to check carefully before confirming your purchase. The acceptance of the Order made the Customer by Fusion will be indicated by Neurofusion Research Inc. sending the Order confirmation to the Customer by email and/or via Platform.


These Terms of Use may be modified from time to time. Any modifications to these Terms of Use will be effective upon posting. You should therefore read these Terms of Use before you place any order. Neurofusion Research Inc. has the total right to edit or delete any content within the App, without notifying you. Your continued use of the App after any modifications to the Terms of Use indicates your acceptance of the modified Terms of Use.


In case of any issues, you may contact us under following contacts: