Why You Should Use Fusion Personalized Prompts!

By Ore Ogundipe

Jan 18, 2024

If you're struggling to keep up with important aspects of your life, conventional tracking methods may not offer the right solutions. That's where personalized prompts come in. Prompts are tailored questions designed to help you understand and optimize your daily needs in areas like mental health, productivity, self-care, finances, spirituality and many more.

With this in mind, Fusion takes advantage of the notification system on your phone allowing you to create a unique system of prompts that are adaptive and personalized, to help you effectively manage the areas that matter most to you.

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Why Do Personalized Prompts Matter?

Identifying Triggers and Patterns: Personalized prompts help you recognize patterns and triggers for certain emotional states or behaviors. By setting up and answering prompts like "Are you feeling anxious?" or "What are you doing?", you can trace your feelings back to specific activities and gain a deeper understanding of your emotions.

Progress and Goal Tracking: Whether you're working on improving your fitness routine, managing stress, or increasing your productivity, these prompts help you track progress toward your personal goals.

Improved Self-Awareness: Regularly responding to prompts heightens your self-awareness by encouraging conscious reflection on your daily experiences. This increased awareness leads to a better understanding of behavioral changes and improved decision-making.

Guiding Your Next Steps: Personalized prompts go beyond reflection. They provide insights on when to take action for your well-being, whether it's recognizing the need for a break, seeking therapy, or identifying areas where you need to improve.

Suggested Prompts

Creating Personalized Prompts with Fusion

Now that you know some benefits of creating personalized prompts. It is important to know what to define when creating them;

Define Your Questions: Start by thinking about the areas of your life you want to track. Create questions that align with your goals and priorities. For example, prompts like "Are you feeling energized?" or "Did you complete your important tasks today?" are great for tracking productivity while prompts such as “Are you feeling Anxious?” or “How are you really?” are great to track your behavior changes and emotions.

With the latest update on the Fusion app, you can also write what you want to track and your Fusion Copilot will provide relevant prompts for you to choose from.

Choose Your Response Format: Fusion allows you to respond to prompts in numeric, yes/no, text format or custom options. Numeric format: This will help you track measurable aspects, such as your stress level, or hours of sleep. Yes/No format: This can be used for binary questions related to your goals. For example, 'Did you drink soda today?', ‘Did you complete your most important task?’ Text format: With this, you can note your thoughts, feelings, or experiences in more detail. This is perfect for journaling or capturing your emotions. Custom Options: You can set up your specific type of response with our custom format option.

With this you can choose the format that best suits the nature of your prompt.

Set Frequency: Determine how often you want to receive prompts. The frequency depends on the context of your prompt, with 6-8 hours being a recommended sweet spot for covering morning, afternoon, and evening periods.

Walkthrough Video for Setting up Prompts

Responding to Prompts with Fusion.

Interactions on your Fusion app are designed to be effortless. With a simple "press and hold," from the notification, you can respond to prompts and seamlessly continue with your day. No distractions, just a quick acknowledgment of your current state.

As you consistently respond to prompts, Fusion reveals insights into your responses over multiple days. Visualizing how your feelings and activities have changed provides a valuable tool for self-reflection.

Now that you have a sense of what Personalized Prompts are about, you too can get started now!

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